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Introduction - The Pier Auge Concept - In 1961, Pierre J. Augé, a qualified biochemist, found that the skin has specific needs and that only substances corresponding to its specific chemistry could maintain its functions and restore them. By creating Base Dergyl, Pier Augé was the first to provide the skin with what it is made of – proteins, lipids, biostimulins, vitamins and what it needs to defend and protect itself naturally. By giving the skin back what belongs to it, each Pier Augé product is created to maintain the perfect balance between the skin's own formulation and that of the product intended for it. In so doing, the skin and its natural functions are respected and are provided with the most advanced and best-adapted molecules available. This philosophy, to mimic our own skin through ingredients, is a true family tradition.

There is more information available on the Pier Auge Story listed in the menus at the foot of the home page. Choose your Pier Auge skin care product from the categories listed above when you float the mouse over the top menu.

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